BY4U® Universal Hair growth roller For Head and beard

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 Roller for reactivating hair and beard growth

 Start hair growth on your head and beard, painlessly and naturally! 
Get back the good feeling of thick and quality hair. 👱‍♂️

Treat the area and see the first results quickly!

Using the micro needling system is an extremely safe and painless process that will help you reactivate hair growth.

Safe process - For many years, the hair growth roller with micro needles was only used by professionals
Quality exfoliation - Do a quality exfoliation of the skin in the area of ​​the beard and hair and stimulate hair growth.
Easy to use - Combine the roller with your favorite hair or beard growth serum and rub gently.




Natural hair growth stimulation for supernatural results

 You can stimulate hair and beard growth, prevent hair loss and improve skin microcirculation.
Encourage thick hair growth
May your hair and beard be lush and thick! Restore your confidence with exceptional hair quality.
Forget about baldness
Reactivate the natural hair regeneration process. It is most suitable for all those who follow from thinning hair .
Use painlessly and effectively
It provides the ideal balance between safety, painless application and effective results


  1. Sanitize The Beard Roller
  2. Clean your face thoroughly
  3. Roll gently 10 times back and forth - horizontally, vertically and diagonally


  • Repeat this process until you have covered all areas needing the treatment.
  • Use it 2-3 times a week.
  • Results appear after the first two weeks of usage. You only need to apply a moderate amount of pressure.

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